Welcome to Melissa’s Wanderland

Welcome to Melissa’s Wanderland, y’all!

I’ve been waiting to hit publish on this post for a long time. Like, months. I’ve been using a lot of my free time since October planning, researching, preparing, and tweaking this site so it would be ready to go live today. So I hope you like what I’ve done!

If you had this post delivered to your inbox, but you have no idea why, it’s possible you followed either Melissa In DC or Made in the Eighties at some point in the past several years and were included when I moved my followers and content over from those blogs.  You are free to unfollow, but I do hope you’ll stick around.

I wanted to start Melissa’s Wanderland for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, I love to travel and share my adventures with friends and family. Sharing pictures on Facebook is fun, but I am constantly asked for suggestions and tips so I figure I can just preemptively put it out there for the greater good! I also love to write, so combining travel + writing means I can do what I love, share my adventures, and then give advice that’s available for people when they need/want it. Plus, it’s a great place to share my photography, which I have recently gotten into as well.

I chose to start over in terms of design and domain so I could finally be able to “brand” and customize as I wanted. When I started Melissa in D.C., I didn’t have a focus. Then I found that focus, but felt restricted in the confines of WordPress.COM. Now, as a self hosted site, I have a theme with the features and look I want and no longer feel restricted to minor customizations that the .COM themes allowed.  I hope you enjoy the little bits and bobs around the site.  You can see where I’m going and where I’ve been, and occassionally where I currently am. You can also see what I’m reading on the road, packing and travel tips, monthly wrap ups, and tons of other stuff I have planned.

There are still going to be a few tweaks here and there as I get everything finalized over the next few weeks.  And if you have suggestions for making things clearer, easier to navigate/read/etc, I am open to hearing them!



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