weekly wrap-up: vol. 3


I woke up early Sunday to go see Furious 7, which I enjoyed. It wasn’t the best installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, but it wasn’t the worst either.  Of course, I spent the entire film pissed off.


I also went grocery shopping and did A LOT of work on the blog, both creating posts, and the design (notice the new web address, and the fact the blog has a new header, but otherwise looks the same?). Then it was time for GAME OF THROOOOOOOOOOOOOONES. As always, I had to rewatch the episode on Monday to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Which was fine, since I had to take my car to the garage to have my muffler reinstalled, again. They also determined the heat shield was rattling, whatever that means. At least I wasn’t charged this time, and so far, she’s running like a dream. Wednesday I was supposed to go out for the USMNT v. Mexico “friendly” but stayed home and watched in bed like a baller. One of my Couple Friends are gallivanting across Europe, and sold me their Caps tickets for Friday night. It was an unplanned expense, but playoff hawkey is the best hawkey and I couldn’t pass up face value tickets. This was combined by dinner at District Taco with two of my favorites, so it was a great night.

caps collage

This morning I made some moves that could greatly assist me in my debt payoff journey and some household chores. It is a GLORIOUS DC Spring Day today, so Lot 8 will be fantastic again, and we will hopefully get another 3 points for DC United!


How many of these 11 New Shows of 2015 have you (binge)watched? So far, I’ve only seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which I LOVED, but plan on watching a few of the others this summer when my regular shows are on hiatus.

While I enjoyed Furious 7, I couldn’t help but have this same thought after the movie ended.

I love Kendrick Lamar’s new album To Pimp a Butterfly, and found this post fascinating.

STAR WARS IS NOW AVAILABLE ON DIGITAL VIDEO. *clicks Add to Wishlist button*

I’ve been on a recent stand-up comedy kick lately, and Richard Pryor is one of the greats. This article about how offensive comedy can be liberating is extremely relevant at a time where society seems to find everything offensive.

Why you aren’t happy, and how to fix it. Fascinating read, and I have already started employing some of these methods in my life.


I’ve been cooking and baking at home a lot recently.  When you live in 500sq feet of prime DC real estate, counter and shelf space comes at a premium. I’ve gotten rid off all except 2 of my cookbooks, and use the Paprika app on my iPad almost exclusively when it comes to cooking these days. However, with the severe lack of counter space, I am constantly having to move my tablet around while slicing and dicing and frying and sautéing (or I precariously balance it on the cabinet door handles…). A tablet stand would be super handy to have, as it would keep my tablet off the counter and clean, but still accessible. I like that this particular stand comes with 2 mounts, so I could also use it in another location in my apartment, perhaps the nightstand for when I watch Netflix in bed?


This song is currently the Most Played Song in iTunes. I don’t know why it speaks to me, but it does.


As you’ve noticed, I finally registered a domain address. I wanted to choose one that accurately portrayed what this blog is about, which is, essentially, my life in D.C. That includes the finances, the culture, and everything that comes with it! And so we have Melissa in D.C. Boring? Perhaps. Accurate? Definitely. There may continue to be some changes over the next few weeks, such as a new theme, cleaning up some post slugs, organizing menus, etc. But I feel the blog address was imperative to have before I properly venture out into the blogosphere.

In the interest of saving money on the cost of changing over, I opted not to subscribe to the auto-redirect feature. This means the previous blog will still be live for a short period of time while I give everyone a chance to update their various feeders and readers. I will also continue posting there in the interim.

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