weekly wrap-up: vol. 2

-The Wrap Up-


Sunday was a pretty lazy day (I slept in until 10:15!), with a brief burst of activity when I went to the grocery store and then prepped my meals for the week. Other than that, I did a bit of blog work and watched some stand-up on Netflix. Monday, I booked flights for my trip to Boston this summer (holla to US Air for stupid cheap fares), and all that’s left to book is that pesky flight home from Toronto in June (my flight to Toronto has already been booked). I had jury duty on Wednesday, and while most people hate jury duty, I love it. I get paid to sit around and mostly read all day, and I knocked out two books this round! On Thursday, I went to see Swan Lake at the Kennedy Center with some of my favorite people, and it was magical. I will have a longer recap next week, but Misty Copeland and Brooklyn Mack are perfection. Friday was boring as all get out, aside from a few tense moments where I was in a bidding war on eBay. I knocked out my Hulu queue and that’s it. The gem of a video below is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Today, having slept in until 10:30 again, is all about crossing some items off my To Do list (like, settling on a permanent web address, filing my FSA Healthcare reimbursement claim, and vacuuming) before heading out to tailgate and go to the DC United match.

-Links I Loved-

Emily shares her tips for shopping at the farmer’s market. I found these super helpful as I’ve started going to the farmer’s markets in DC for my produce when I can. It can be overwhelming at first, but gets easier every time!

I loved this post on The Anfield Wrap from an international fan, which was a rebuttal from all the conversations regarding the atmosphere at Anfield, how “not proper” fans are seen to be ruining it, and what it’s like to be an international supporter of a football club when you FINALLY get to make the trip to see them play.

This post on The Neverending Bullshit That Is Fashion Blogging was the first post I read on The Financial Diet, and as I reread it this week, I was still like “yaaaaaaassss. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS.” I have been victim to Lifestyle Blogs. We all have been. The line about being “totally obsessed with” something always makes me laugh. I realized earlier this year that these types of blogs were one of my major spending/shopping triggers, and I have removed 90% of them from my Feedly reader, keeping only my absolute favorites.

This post from The Minimalists on how an apple watch won’t give you more time was perfectly timed (pun totally intended). I had mentioned previously that I was actively saving for one, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought about how I didn’t really need an Apple Watch, and was caught up in the “but it does everything!” glow of it. Instead, I used some of the funds to buy a simple, professional looking, quality watch, and used the rest of the money I had saved to purchase the bag I had had my eye on when it went on sale last week.

It was nice to see refreshing honesty from Jess about how she didn’t absolutely LOVE London. I do happen to love London, I try to go at least every other year when I’m in England, but I know how a combination of expectations and conditions can lead to certain destinations being a let down. Looking at you, Rome.

I came across this How to Create Smoothie Kits post when I was researching how to freeze kale. It’s a great idea if you’re like me and try to streamline every possible thing in your morning routine in an effort to stay in bed until the last possible second.

I know a few people who should read this post on email etiquette

This post on pantry staples that are also good for your skin was extremely informative, and I’ve been looking into ways to incorporate these into my diet and skin care routine.

There are people who do not think Cate Blanchett is perfect in every way, and I do not understand them.

-Weekly Want-

Moulton Hex Charm Necklace

As I shift towards a more minimalistic style aesthetic, I find myself reaching for my bold and colorful statement necklaces less and less. I’ve been searching eBay daily for the Stella and Dot Together Forever necklace, but it’s really hard to find. When a listing does pop up, the bidding gets out of control instantly. I love this Moulton Hex Charm necklace, and would probably get it in rose gold, as I already have a simple silver necklace and like to alternate my metals on any given day.

-Song of the Week-

NSFW, obvi.


  1. April 12, 2015 / 11:15 pm

    Thanks for the link love! And glad to hear I’m not alone with these experiences… #Rome 🙂

    • April 13, 2015 / 3:31 am

      You’re quite welcome! I’m sorry you didn’t totally love London, but definitely hope you give it another chance. It probably got lost in the sea of comments, but I left a few suggestions of some of my favorite things to do in a reply on your post 🙂

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