weekly wrap-up: vol. 1

-The Wrap Up-

photo credit: via Twitter @SE_Road_Trips

photo credit: via Twitter @SE_Road_Trips

It was a fairly slow week in Mellyville. I got together with some friends on Sunday night for Wrestlemania 31 and had a great time. The muffler fell out of my car on the way home from said watch party, leading to an unexpected $385 car repair bill on Monday. Just another reason why I’m glad I have an emergency fund! Tuesday through Thursday were pretty low-key and I just watched a lot of Hulu and read a trashy romance novel to chillax.  I did spend some time revamping W2MV, and there will continue to be some changes over the next month or so. Friday I went with friends to watch the DC United game, which we won, and my corned beef mac and cheese was the bomb dot com! I love those fools (both my friends and my team). I went to the outlets on Saturday, to return some stuff to J. Crew Factory, which was originally my plan for Monday. I am giving myself all the self high-fives for returning $180 worth of stuff, and not purchasing anything else despite the 50% Off the Entire Store sale. I am so close to paying off that lingering balance, that I am tempted to do it in one lump sum next paycheck (the result possibly not being able to afford food for that two-week period), but I am going to stick to my plan. I was supposed to go to Baltimore last night for an LFCDCBMORE event with Ronnie Whelan, but I was extremely tired, and it would have been a late night. Instead, I painted my nails, updated YNAB, and watched the Final Four.

-Links I Loved-

Spring is almost here, and Trail Link is a great resource to find trails to walk, run, and/or bike in your city. Take your exercise outdoors!

Hallie over at Corals & Cognacs wrote about packing her Lo & Sons bag waaaaay back in December 2013, but it played a major role in wanting, and saving up for an OG bag of my own. I’m excited that I was finally able to order one this week, after rereading this post, when the Easter sale price at the site equaled the amount of money I had saved towards it. (OK, it was $15 more than what I had saved, but I was able to cover that with some of this month’s Fun Money.)

I LOVED this NYT post about being a cat lady. My cats are hilarious, possibly funnier than most humans I know, and I love them.

This post at The Financial Diet really explains what I was dumb enough to do in regards to credit, despite being relatively intelligent in general. I’m really proud of myself for nearly having the first credit card paid off, almost 3 months ahead of schedule.

As someone who is in the process of starting over with this blog, I found these tips on how not to be an amateur blogger to be really helpful.

Over at Travelettes, Caroline wrote about why she loves the in-betweens of traveling. As someone who travels a lot, these periods of “down time” have been great for personal reflection and recharging my batteries (literally and metaphorically) while on the go.

Cait at Blonde on a Budget talks about the worst questions you can ask a sober friend. As someone who has recently cut back A LOT on alcohol for medical reasons, this sums up a lot of the time I spend in bars nowadays.

Brittany and I went to high school together, and I’ve been loving her blog since recently discovering it. In this post, she gives a tutorial on how to DIY a lovely scented bathsoaks.   I don’t even like baths and I can’t wait to try this out!

And finally, this post on why you should spend your money on experiences and instead of things sums up nicely many of the reasons I refuse to give up traveling while paying off my debt.

-Weekly Want-

I love this mug from Look Human. I no way, shape, or form do I need another mug right now, but this one adequately expresses my feelings every morning.

-Song of the Week-

 Two of my favorite songs of the minute, mashed up.  Bonus: it’s an hour-long loop, so listening on repeat at work is super easy.


  1. April 5, 2015 / 3:18 pm

    Excited for you to get your Lo & Sons bag, gal! FYI: I have the OMG, not the OG. They’re really similar; the OG is slightly bigger. x

    • Melissa
      April 5, 2015 / 3:26 pm

      Thanks, Hallie! I noticed you and several others have the OMG. A co-worker has the OG, I was able to dig around in it and hold it, and I think it will suit. My major concern was being able to fit bulky tupperware and my Nikes in it everyday along with the rest of my girlcrap. I also wanted something I could fit my pillow in for overnight flights, because I am apparently 5years old.

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