The Monthly Wrap – November 2015


November was a busy month even though it felt like I didn’t have a lot going on. But then I reviewed my calendar to write this post and holy crap it looked like a unicorn vomited on my GCal (it’s color coded in obnoxiously bright colors). After two DC United matches the first week of the month, I attended the soft opening of Pennsylvania 6, thanks to being a friend of a friend of the owner #humblebrag. It’s a really great space, with a small but extremely well curated drinks list, and I can see it becoming a regular spot. Then Ellie Goulding announced her Delirium Tour and so I booked Ellie Goulding Delirium Tour tickets for me and my girlfriends. In June.

Mid- November, I went to St. Louis for the USMNT match. I had a great time going up to the top of the Gateway Arch and touring the Anheuser-Busch brewery (post coming soon). Last week they announced the next home qualifier will be in Columbus, so flight/hotel/train have been booked for that trip as well.  Along with a few cat-sitting jobs, I also sat Koda the Frenchie for a weekend, and Kit the Shiba Inu over the Thanksgiving break. I only have one cat-sitting job lined up for December, and I’m thinking I may take the month to recharge before I ramp the hustle back up in January.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and I got to have two dinners this year.  One with my parents and sister, and one with my friends. Two dinners in one day… I’m still full. A friend and I went to the Caps game last week as well, which are always a good time.   Did anyone do any Black Friday shopping? I did. And I rocked it. I took advantage of the Sephora deals to get some travel size toiletries of items I already use, knocked out 98% of my Christmas shopping for family and friends, and snagged a few items for myself (mostly digital versions of my favorite movies so I can get rid of DVDs, and toys for The Kittens that they’ll ignore in favor of bottle caps and stealing my hair ties…). Several items purchased were bought after thinking “hmmm, that looks like it’ll keep me warm in Iceland/England/blizzards.”

In between all of that, I spent a lot of my free time on the blog grind. I did a lot of work on the back end to streamline the focus of this blog, included deleting a few posts, adding some features, cleaning up my media library, and creating content for both present and future posts. I also did a lot of research and prep to transfer to self-hosting in the near future, so be on the lookout for that!


John Oliver is literally The Greatest of All Time, and he kills it again with   Definitely Real Quotes.

A friend from high school did a gooooorgeous DIY makeover of a table she found at a flea market and now I’m obsessed with redoing all the furniture in my apartment.

As I travel more, and with my recent acquisition of a nice camera, I have been researching tips and tricks for taking better travel photos. Hopefully the results have been, and will continue to be, more noticeable on this blog.

I’m always on the look out for the perfect One Bag Fits All piece of luggage. I’m not sure if the Minaal Daily bag is it for me, but I absolutely LOVED their product video for their Kickstarter campaign.

I recently wrote about how I’ve been dog-sitting to plump up my travel fund, but I hadn’t really considered the tax implications of freelancing aside from “I’m probably going to have to include this on my tax return…” I will definitely be taking these tips under consideration as I start to prepare for my tax return. And I am certainly going to attempt to claim all the dog treats I’ve purchased as business expenses.

Remember that time Obama started talking about how “Folks wanna pop off” in a press conference? I am still dying.


I don’t have a must have for this month, mostly because I purchased what I wanted. My long-term pet-sitting job had Netflix, which meant I had a lot of time to knock a bunch of stuff off my to-watch list, so I’m going to take this space and tell you that you need to watch the following:

Master of None (Netflix) – I don’t really like Aziz Ansari (I know this is an unpopular view), so the fact I am recommending a show that is Ansari through and through really says a lot about how great I think this show is. It has some really interesting takes on the film/tv industry, race and society, and over all is just really funny. Ten episodes at 29-32 minutes each means you can binge-watch Master of None all in one day in a weekend.

John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid (Netflix) – I love John Mulaney. He’s so adorable and a little bit camp. I love comedians that can really take the piss out of their childhoods, and he is great at this. His routine about meeting Bill Clinton when he was ten had me in tears.

Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers (Netflix) – Jeselnik isn’t for everyone, as his humor and demeanor are very dark and sarcastic. He has a great bit regarding those who run to social media when tragic events happen that explains exactly how I feel. If you are not easily offended, you may enjoy Jeselnik’s special.


Trevor Noah’s Lost in Translation (Comedy Central) – This was the show I attended the taping for back in July, and I was so excited to see how it turned out. I’m glad I didn’t watch a ton of his newer stuff in the four months since the show, so the jokes were pretty fresh, and therefore hilarious. You can catch an encore on Comedy Central, or buy it for $5 on Trevor’s site (#worthit). The download from Trevor’s site has 10 minutes of bonus content, including my favorite part of the show, where he discusses TSA and American airports.

Jurassic World – I’m ain’t even mad that Jurassic World is basically Jurassic Park 2015. Chris Pratt is in the movie, which is all I need to make this Priority Viewing. The dinos are awesome, the special effects are decent, and the one liners bring the LOLs. Definitely worth the $2.12 for the Bluray at Redbox.

Spy – I DIED laughing at this movie.


Labrinth – Jealous (I ugly cry so hard at this song)

Missy Elliot  – WTF (Where They From) – She’s back!

Pretty much the entire Adele album

How was your November?


Thanks to Minimography for the ‘Featured Image’ image. It is a fantastic, royalty photo project by Lauren Mancke and Brian Gardner, who are “passionate about building and maintaining a beautiful web.”

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