The Monthly Wrap – December 2015


What a month December was! I started off with a bang with my sister’s baby shower in Baltimore and then going to see Motown the Musical at the National Theater the first weekend of the month.  It’s always great to get to see family outside of a holiday. Then, ICELAND! One of my rare non-soccer related trips, I had a great time in Iceland swimming in the Blue Lagoon, chasing the Northern Lights, wandering around Reykjavik, and touring the Golden Circle. I had a bunch of brunches and dinners out with friends, and even went to see The Washington Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker with friends! Plus, I GOT THOSE ADELE TIX for the DC concert she’s performing the week of my thirtieth birthday.   I went to visit my parents in Delaware for Christmas, and the kittens were none to pleased for the 6hr round trip car ride for a 2 day visit, but they love all the space they have to run around, as well as harassing my parents’ bischons. And I closed out the year with one of my favorite pet-sitting clients so far, Goddard the Goldie. It was quite the hectic month, and I’m looking forward to having a quiet first few weeks of January before a trip to LA at the end of the month for Camp Cupcake kicks of the 2016 Travel year.


Adding this tour to our England/Scotland Itinerary!

I spent some time at the end of December looking back on 2015, and I am planning on spending the first week of January setting personal and professional goals for 2016.

Drew from Drive on the Left attended the World Travel Market in London back in November and now attending is on my bucket list.

Poor grammar is a pet peeve of mine. Don’t even get me started on people who can’t/won’t bother to use punctuation on Facebook.  So I really enjoyed this article about the most commonly misused English words and phrases.

I am an avid romance novel reader, and it was great to read an article explaining why they are actually really awesome.

Copenhagen is probably my #1 travel priority for 2016, and I have noted Luce’s tips for visiting on a budget.

Will someone please take me to Tulum? Please?



BB-8 figurine

I may be a grown-ass woman, but BB-8 is the adorablest droid, and I’d like to add this figurine to my collection that sits on a row on my bookshelf at home.


Star Wars Episodes IV – VI: I had to refresh my knowledge of the originals!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (x2!) – I loved, loved, loooooooved Star Wars: TFA. So much so I saw it on opening night, and then paid even more money to go see it in IMAX at the Air and Space museum a couple of weeks later with my crew.  Abrams did a great job tying Eps IV – VI to Episode VII, introducing new characters while still bringing in fan favorites. I think it’s so great that the hero of this next trilogy is a woman, something that is very needed in Hollywood.

Ant-Man – This was so fun! I love Paul Rudd, and I am a huge Marvel fan, so I greatly enjoyed this film.  The premise gave this the potential to be really, really stupid, and yet it didn’t take itself seriously, allowing the film to be a lot fun.

Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation – I always go into Mission Impossible films these days expecting to be greatly disappointed. Therefore, I am always pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy them. I shouldn’t be, of course, since I assume that any film with Jeremy Renner is automatically not terrible. I quite liked the premise of this installment, as well as the female spy, and it was well worth the $2.12 I paid to rent it from the Redbox.

Mad Max: Fury Road – This was a big, fat, MEH for me. It’s beautifully shot, but it’s basically one 2 ½ hour car chase. It knocks out an insane amount of entries on my Cinema Season List, so I’m glad I watched it, but it won’t be on repeat.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E – I only rented this from the Redbox because I had a BOGOFREE code, so I wasn’t really expecting greatness or anything.  Especially for PG-13 Guy Ritchie film.  But it had a fun car chase, great costumes and makeup, and fun 1960’s spy gadgets.

Sisters – If Tina Fey and Amy Poehler make a movie, it’s pretty much a gimme that I am going to go see it. I had high expectations for this movie, and it met most of them. Definitely a flick I’d watch again. This isn’t on the same level as Bridesmaids (but really what is?) but there are some really great jokes and punchlines.


Sometimes I Cry – Chris Stapleton

JunkFood Mixtape – Tinie Tempah & Friends (NSFW, obvi)

Army – Ellie G.

How was your December?

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