Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Nats v. Cardinals @ Nats Park

Spring has arrived in D.C. and it is glorious. Sure, Spring means tons of tourists, but it also means cherry blossoms, sunny lunch time strolls, and baseball. I honestly do not know if there is anything more American than drinking beer and watching baseball.


Last week, my friends and I went to watch the Washington Nationals play the St. Louis Cardinals. As there are several Cards loving people in my social circle, we usually make at least one, if not several, of these games each season. I wouldn’t call myself a diehard Nats fan, but I always like going to games, love some of the players, look fly in my curly W baseball cap, and always root, root, root for the home team. We usually get $10 tickets on StubHub, sit up in the nosebleeds, and relax.

For this game, however, we splurged at got $14 tickets on StubHub and sat a few rows back from the outfield, so close I could see my favorite wannabe lumberjack, Jayson Werth. We were so close, I spent most of the game providing running commentary on what I thought he was thinking about as he stood alone in right field, thoughtfully stroking his glorious beard. I decided he was just singing songs from Moulin Rouge to himself. The Nats lost the game, but I had a lot of fun anyway.


The pride of Nats Park has to be the Racing Presidents, though. They are so silly and wonderful, kids love them, and possibly the least scary mascots in D.C. (I hate mascots. And Birds are assholes. And somehow all of my teams have bird mascots.) FYI, Teddy is the best (George is pictured above).

There are also amazing food options at Nats Park. I almost always head to Shake Shack, and load up with a burger, cheese fries, and a beer. They recently added a Ben’s Chili Bowl (a legendary D.C. institution), and there are several Nathan’s Dogs stands located throughout the park. Even the beer stands have nicer options than Bud and Miller Lite, so I always have my pick between Sam Adams or a cider. And for pre and post-gaming, there is The Fairgrounds. You can meet up with friends, grab dinner and beers, and listen to live music before you head into the park.

Surprisingly, Nats Park also makes a pretty good concert venue. I know this because I saw One Direction there last summer. And it was good enough that I am going to see Taylor Swift there this summer (DO NOT JUDGE ME THE BEER LINE IS NONEXISTENT).

If you are in DC this summer, I suggest trying to catch a Nats game while in town. It’s easily accessible, and probably the most affordable sporting event in town (if you snatch up tickets on StubHub). And it’s always a good time.

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