Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds @ Lincoln Theater – 6.4.15

IMG_7952When I was in college, I was one of those girls.  You know, the kind that would start liking/pretend to like something because the guy she’s into liked that thing. That’s how I originally got into Oasis. The boy I was crushing on liked them, so I started listening to them too. Fast forward 9 years, and I still love Oasis, but the boy and I are just friends (he remains, to this day, one of my most favoritest people), and I am very much set in my ways and like what I like as long as I like it. I saw Oasis’ last concert in 2008, right before they broke up for good (still argue it was worth missing my college graduation’s main commencement ceremony), and there is no better song to blast while driving down the Beltway with the windows rolled down than Acquiesce. I’m firmly on #TeamNoel, so it seems natural that I would catch his band, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, whenever they come to town. I saw him a few years ago at the Warner Theater, and again, last week at the Lincoln Theater, with my friend, Suzanne.

Despite living within 50 miles of DC my entire life, this was the first time I’d been to the Lincoln Theater.  It’s located on U Street, conveniently next door to Ben’s Chili Bowl. The seating was General Admission, which is annoying, but it worked out in the end, as we were about 8 rows back, despite being pretty far back in the line. (I also think this was a performer thing, not a theater thing, as I bought tickets to a show there in July, and it’s assigned seating.) I’m mostly annoyed with myself, as I left home without an umbrella, and was stuck standing in the GA line in a torrential downpour.  For an older establishment, the theater was in great shape. I liked that the bathrooms and bars were conveniently located to the theater doors, and the slight rise in floor allowed us to see over stupidly tall people. They also sell cider, in addition to beer, liquor, and wine, which was a nice surprise.

IMG_7994NGHFB didn’t have an opening act, and the show started promptly at 8pm.  As an old lady soul, with a bedtime that ranges from anytime I get home from work to before 10pm, I appreciated this. Much like every other time I’ve seen Noel, the show was fantastic. He did a great mix of songs off both NGHFB albums, as well as some Oasis covers. He covered several of my favorite Oasis songs (Masterplan, a stripped down version of Champagne Supernova, Digsy’s Dinner, Don’t Look Back in Anger) including Whatever, a Top Five Fave, which I had never seen performed live. I was disappointed Noel didn’t interact with the fans more, as he’d done the 2 previous times I’d seen him, but he did take the absolute piss out of a lady wearing a Manchester City jersey near the stage. So all is forgiven.

NGHFB setlist

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Overall, I really enjoyed my evening. It was a lot of fun watching the Oasis fanboys rock out to those covers, and sing my heart out with several hundred other people. If you have the chance to see Noel Gallagher live, I highly recommend it. Or if you have the chance to see an event at the Lincoln Theater, I recommend that. I am greatly looking forward to see my next performance there at the end of July!

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