Calling for England/Scotland Itinerary Suggestions!!

Hello Lovelies! It’s officially February now, which means I can now say “I am going to England and Scotland this month!” Our itinerary is shaping up quite nicely, but I wanted to put the call out for suggestions for things to do and see in England and Scotland.

How adorable is my rudimentary map I made in Paint?

I lived in Liverpool for a year, and have been to London numerous times, but York and Glasgow will be new adventures for me! Plus, no matter how many times you’ve visited a place, you still haven’t seen everything to be seen, and eaten everywhere there is to eat (I joke that I like to eat my way through countries, but I am dead serious).

Liverpool (3 days)

IMG_0245The main purpose of this leg of the trip is go see Liverpool v. Everton on Saturday at Anfield.  However, we’ll still have some time to sightsee. I’ve got the quick-hit touristy things locked down for those with us who have never been to Liverpool, but definitely looking forward to hearing restaurant/bar/coffee shop recommendations.

York (1.5 days)

We are planning to take an early morning train from Liverpool to York, arriving mid-morning.  What are the MUST SEE sites?

Glasgow (3 days)

We’ll be heading to Glasgow ass-early in the morning. We are strongly considering going to a Celtic FC match one of the nights, but are otherwise free agents for our time in Glasgow. We’re planning to catch an EasyJet flight to London to save time and money over the train. 

London (3 days)

IMG_0244One of our days is dedicated to the Chelsea match and/or possibly Liverpool at Crystal Palace if we can get tickets. I’ve suggested a Stonehenge/Bath/Cotswolds bus trip, partially because no one else in my group has been, but also because I’d like to update my photos now that I’ve learned my way around a decent camera #doinitfortheblog. We also have early evening reservations for Tea at the Ritz, because we are classy mofos. We’ve all been to London, so we’re up for anything super touristy or off the beaten path. Outdoors things are fine, as you can see below, I have zero problems with being outside in the English Winter:


This is the coldest I have ever been in my 29+ years on this planet

I am looking forward to hearing all of your great suggestions for eating, drinking, and sightseeing!


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