meet melissa


At Arena de Natal, at the 2014 World Cup, for Italy v. Uruguay. Yes, I witnessed Luis Suarez bite someone, in person.


  1. I am the Humom to two adorable, but asshole, cats.
  2. I spent a year abroad at the University of Liverpool, and graduated with a degree in US History from The University of Maryland – COLLEGE PARK.
  3. I am always planning how to leave DC, but once I’ve left I am always so excited to come home.
  4. I once saw Adele perform at the 9:30 Club for $10, and then she blew up. I am an Adele hipster.
  5. You cannot convince me that Godfather III actually exists.
  6. I hated living in Liverpool when I lived there, now I want to move back one day.
  7. I have never lost at pub trivia. Since my team members change constantly, I can only assume I am the magical force.
  8. The tagline of my blog comes from the 2002 rap album, Nellyville.  My friends and tweeples call me Melly, so I think fits.
  9. I’ve visited 15 countries over 3 continents.
  10. I’m currently teaching myself photography. Like, with a camera set in manual mode and filters and lenses and crap.

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