a whole new blog


A new look. A new title. A new “About” page. Soon, a new site address. A new direction.

You may have noticed I took the month of March off. No new content, not a peep out of me on this here blog.  It may have appeared I’d given up after just 11 posts.

In actuality, it was a combination of not having a clear vision, and “personal stuff.” As far as personal stuff, I just had a lot going on. I had friends visiting from out of town, went to visit my parents, was cleaning my apartment, getting back to the gym after two and a half months of being laid up, and just getting my life right.

But I also didn’t really have a clear plan of what I wanted to blog about. My other blogs were the most randomass assortment of crap you could imagine.  I wanted this one to be about finance, but I felt so restricted just talking about money all the time. Especially because my knowledge of finance is negative nil compared to most personal finance bloggers.  I kept wanting to have a space where, after watching all of Chris Rock’s HBO standup specials, I could rank my favorites. And share photos of all my travels. And talk about the books I’m reading.  So I then tried to go the way of a “lifestyle” blog, which is essentially what I feel like people refer to their blogs as when they don’t want to be tied down to one thing.  But that just led me back to the most random assortment of crap again. It’s a vicious circle.

So I’ve restarted this blog several times now, but I think I’ve finally found what I’m meant to be writing about. I’ve found my niche, which is what all the blogging experts tell me I need to sort out to really make blogging a serious thing. And my niche is Soccer Travel. You may think this is going to be just another travel blog, but I’m going to do my best to put the unique spin that soccer brings to everything. 90% of my travel is based around going to a soccer match or five.

If you think soccer is stupid – DON’T GO!  Even though 90% of my travel is based around going to a soccer game (or five), only 5% of my actual travel time is spent going to the soccer game (perhaps a smidge more than that if I’m going to five games…), so I think there will be plenty to interest you.

I have so many ideas, and things I want to do, and I’m trying to figure out what’s best to move this blog forward. I currently have post ideas plotted into May of 2016! I’ll be back to regularly scheduled content soon (the next week or two), but I wanted to check in and letcha know I’m not gone!  In the meantime, check out my About page to learn a little more about me, and my 101 in 1,001 page to see what I’m up to.



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