5 Times: An LFC Legends Event

2015-06-25 19.47.43At the end of June, I had the pleasure of traveling to Brooklyn to attend the 5 Times, a Former Liverpool Players Association event. Essentially, former LFC players travel the world, telling stories about growing up and playing for Liverpool, all while raising money for charity. I sprung for the meet-and greet package, so I could tick off Bucket List Item #32: Take a Selfie with a Liverpool Legend.

2015-06-25 19.11.52

l-r: Didi Hamann, Me, Robbie “God” Fowler, Jason McAteer

The fellas were a bit late arriving to the event, as they were caught in traffic from the airport, so the meet and greet started a bit late. However, once the meet and greet session got going, everything ran smoothly. I got Didi and Robbie to sign copies of their books, and even asked Jason why he didn’t have a book published Stateside.  He told me “it’s with the lawyers, because it’s got some naughty bits in it” so I hope they leave those bits in! All the fellas were great, and very accommodating to the fans who came out to see them.

Once the meet and greet portion of the event was over, they got up on stage to start the storytime portion of the event. Jason was the “host” for the event, telling a story and then having Robbie and Didi give the correlating story. I knew Robbie was a funny dude, but I had no idea Didi and Jason were such a riot.  I really wish I had written down some of the funnier portions of the evening, but all I can remember is Jason making fun of Birkenhead, and Robbie regaling the group with a story about an encounter with a ladyboy in a bar while playing in Thailand. At “halftime” of the event, Robbie played auctioneer to auction of items to raise money for charity. Some of the items up for bid included a an autographed Messi jersey, and a 2005 Istanbul Champions League Final jersey signed by the entire Liverpool squad.  In the end, they ended up raising over $13,000 for charity!

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The only portion of the event I didn’t enjoy was the Q&A session. It’s not that I don’t enjoy those things, because I do, but that by that time everyone attending the event had had several drinks. This led to grown ass men shouting over little kids to ask their questions, or to interrupt the fellas while they were talking to ask follow-up questions. I spent the entire time embarrassed for these adults who were making fools out of themselves.

Overall, I had a great time and the event, as did my friend Jess, who accompanied me thanks to the companion ticket deal and doesn’t really care about soccer otherwise.  I hope they do another one of these events on the East Coast soon, but with different players, because I would definitely go again!

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